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Alright, today we start this continuous event that will take place non-stop for the next 5 years.

Every 6 months, we will reward THE-BEST-MEME-POSTER with:

Electus Merch
+ 1x Electus T-Shirt (Unique)
+ 1x Electus Hat
+ 1x Electus Backpack
+ 1x Electus Cup
+ 1x Phone Case (Iphone/Samsung)
+ 1x Sock Pairs (Why not? Winter is always cold)

Electus Starters
+ Advanced Beginner Pack
+ Character Visual
+ Rare Avatar Set
+ Custom Title
+ Rare Fellow Pet
+ Custom Pick Pet

Simply post your SRO related meme below and let's get started! :D 
Also, the best memes will be posted on 
Electus Facebook Page :x


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On 13.07.2019 at 1:12 PM, SitOnMyFace said:


I can't say this is relatable. Paris is my friend and he's in Pearl Team, hope they fix their issues soon :-)

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