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Electus Online


How to Buy-Sell Account

Step 1: Tag @Yukie#5565 on Discord #char-for-sale channel and say ''I want to sell an account'' to @Milky_Way#9999 (example).
Step 2: DM @Yukie#5565 with your account ID and e-mail adress associated with the account (to prove it's your account). 
Step 3: The buyer must purchase silk on website. Yukie will then. take care of the transactions and safety of the process.

You cannot buy a char with silk you own in the game. It must be a purchase on the website or crypto.
Buying account for real money (sending cash to seller is illegal and if you're scammed we are not responsible for it). 


You cannot sell your account without a supervisor (A team member of Electus) help. If you initiate a trade without team member, this is violation of server rules and the account will be banned. We are not responsible of the scams.

You can sell your account for silk with the support of a supervisor (A team member of Electus). We will help you buy-sell an account and ensure that your trade is safe.

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