RedSea Screenshot Event

Simple as that, take screenshot ingame and post it here, best 5 screenshots will get the following rewards
Place #1: 1500 Silk, Char Visual, Char Icon, Avatar Set
Place #2: 1000 Silk, Char Visual, Char Icon, Avatar Set
Place #3: 500 Silk, Char Visual, Char Icon
Place #4: 400 Silk, Char Visual
Place #5: 250 Silk + Char Visual

some tips;
- make sure when you're taking screenshot electus logo must be there
- make sure guild embed is shown (or atleast its not white, happens when bot auto relog)
- its suggested to take screenshot in activities (can be any activity, not suggested to just stand there and take a picture of your character, that wont win anything)

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Just now, Imperator said:


Me and Paranoiah saw a nice girl at dw lmao :D  looking at the same time xD


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