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Instagram Reel Event Winners

jankku1992 - 1000 Electus Cash
adrian.chava - 100 Electus Cash
michael.asaad.mikhael - 100 Electus Cash
bedirhanhepsag - 100 Electus Cash
bvburak - 100 Electus Cash
kevingheeraert - 100 Electus Cash
ammargabr - 100 Electus Cash
bedojoe - 100 Electus Cash
saher_said01 - 100 Electus Cash
hossam_elsayad12 - 100 Electus Cash
hamomoner1 - 100 Electus Cash
antuliochirinos - Character Icon
gokcenysf - Character Icon
mck0rn - Character Icon
abdoramzy_ - Character Icon
sinanhokka - Character Icon
gunestamer92 - Character Icon
karimkhaled7 - Character Icon
ercannygt - Character Icon
semiihh51 - Character Icon
frankyf_ - Character Icon
gil_rsm - Full Visual Pack
hamada_rgb - Full Visual Pack
batuhanayan07 - Full Visual Pack
ahmmednaabil - Electus T-Shirt

Congratulation to all winners.
Contact us on Instagram to claim your reward: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US ON INSTAGRAM
Players must claim their reward within 48  hours. Else, they will lose their chance to obtain their rewards.
It Takes up to 48 Hours from messaging us to claim your reward

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