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Hello Dear Electus Team 

The Server is all good nothing to say anymore except one thing....

You have made the alchemy really hard with the reason to make it more challenging for the people so they play longer in the server, but the opposite is the case.

I dont know if you see it but the most people leave the game just because of your alchemy rates. Yes you make the most money with it Im not saying any bad about it cuz you need to pay your rents aswell like others, but if people cant make +9 without spending 20k silk  its frustrating. People should not fail three times to +3 with  10% boost, aquila set, premium, lucky dress ... (happened to me). Just balance the alchemy rates, make it hard in the beginning the server and after every month easier, same thing with the elixirs, stones...  thats how I would do it to keep the players in the server and not make them rage quit. Thank you for reading. 


Much Love, Afyonlu 

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Alchemy is a story itself.. People are greedy, they just aim for 9, they get it then they go for 10 just for no reason, fail & quit. It's endless. Alchemy in SRO is fucked up :-)
Alchemy is hard here, yeah, because we don't want everyone to run with +255. I can't promise any ''change'' to that tbh

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Reduce the price for Character Reset Scroll. It cost too much, INCLUDING weapons switch. that cost about 1k silk! over price. 790! for reset is too much.

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increse jobbing rewards either ep or gold because its really tedious and repetitive and it gets old really fast. instead make it more rewarding.


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if players can get more achievement they will play more cuz they have"target" u have lot of possibily
FGW full forgotten:D maybe u shoould change the reward. and change FGW MAP
any new event....:D or something new.
u can fresh up the server.
and we need more ironcoins.. its really unbalanced
we got so many silver...
almost every uniq dropps silver

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